The recurring disease: election fever

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I do not want to go into the fact that Oliver Stone, in a recent interview in a Swiss daily newspaper, highlighted the ineligibility of Trump and warned Europe of the ‘trigger happy’ Clinton. Craving for recognition against lust for power. I also do not want to elaborate further that the survival of Wallstreet significantly depends on the rise in the price of petroleum. Wallstreet again has invested heavily in the ever more unsustainable fossil fuel market and lost. We know that the oil price is low. However, the oil explorers seem to care little. They continue digging despite low demand. Trapped in the fossil fuel rush! What else could they do. The fact that the US ‘epicentre of mass damage and destruction’ (Wallstreet) only sees its way out of this round of mis-investments in the destruction of a large number of oil springs (to boost oil prices) is only a marginal remark here. We are up for a marching order against Syria. Addressees: Wallstreets future vassal in the white house. Both the oligarch Trump and the representative of the elite Clinton will obey. This war of resources will, of course, be marketed to the public as yet another ‘war against international terrorism’.

Actually, I only wanted to point to the cost of the US presidential elections this year, (including part of the congressional elections that go with it). According to the Deutsche Welle the US public pay a 6.3 billion US dollars for this year’s election campaign. Shall they, do they want to, should the UC citizens have to cover for this? No, says David Van Reybrouck! Are elections at all a viable instrument of functioning democracies or merely a method to keep aristocracy (and today oligarchy) in power (so provided for in republics)? Elections are not part of proper democracies – says Van Reybrouck in his recommended book (German title: Gegen Wahlen) countering elections and showing why voting is not democratic. More on this subject some other time, together with a historically proven and thoughtful way out of the seasonally and globally recurring disease called election fever.