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It is not that we don’t have no local solutions to face today’s global challenges. Sources for renewable energies are plenty! Thanks to clean energy, depending on multinationals is therefore no longer necessary! Small and medium-sized farming has always fed the world and ensures food security! Multiplying such structures to feed the growing populations is not only feasible but desirable. The free exchange of naturally grown crops frees us from the stranglehold of multinational bio-tech conglomerates. We can ‘purify’ polluted water and get fresh water out of salt water. Access to clean water for all people is no longer an utopia but feasible. Instead of using rare non-renewable raw materials we use renewables and avoid waste through re- or up-cycling. We are doing it more and more creatively! Developing regional meaning through regional economies. Truly integrating foreigners and strengthening, hereby, our own cultures. Democratize democracy! Citizens in charge; instead of the doom of power skirmish of pseudo-democratic power games. All this is possible and feasible! And who knows, if we start bottom-up, maybe the top will follow?