Of a free human

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I do not want to be an ordinary person, under no circumstances!

I have a right to stand out – if I can!

I want to stand a chance, not security!

I do not want to be a sustained citizen, abased and jaded, because the state cares for me!

I want to face the risk of longing for something and realize it, to fail and succeed!

I refuse to sell my own impetus for a tip!

I rather face life’s challenges, than a secure existence!

Rather, the tense excitement of one’s own success, than the hollow rest Utopias!

I will neither exchange my liberty against beneficence, nor my human dignity against pittance!
I have learned to think and act for myself, to look the world straight in the face to see and to recognise: This is my creation!

All this is meant when we say: I am a free human!


These words of courage are attributed to the late Dr. med. Albert Schweitzer (1875 – 1965) passing on in the year I was born