Thoughts on the train of globalization

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Last week, I participated in the first open Swiss Economic Summit, happening in Aarau, Switzerland. Organized and moderated by one woman all by herself: Theres Schöni. Congrats!

In his speech, the president of the cantonal association for small and medium sized local enterprises compared globalization to a train, a train we should not miss. It was not the first time that I listen to such comparison. It sounds awfully illogical to me. Here are a few  of my thoughts.

When I board a train, then mostly likely because I want to go somewhere and the train is the transportation of choice to get me there safely. After all, this is why I buy a ticket and trustfully board the train. Hence, the train is a means (form of transport) to bring me safely to my destination. How about globalization, is it a means or an end in itself? The route or the destination?
If globalization would be a means – a means of transport just like a train – then I ask myself where this journey will lead us to? What is the final destination globalization intends to reach? And how would we know when we arrive?

Or is globalization the ends in itself – the destination – we all should embark for? There are people who ride trains just for pleasure, to pass time (not uncommon in Switzerland). They simply enjoy riding trains like others who enjoy cycling. These people have neither a specific destination in mind, nor do they have somewhere specific to arrive (except maybe at home at some stage).

But if the train is racing to the point where more and more passengers actually fall off the running train. Not to mention all those caught and crushed by the high-speed train called globalization. Should such a train not be stopped immediately, with its driver being suspended from driving? Would he not be considered a major risk to peoples’ security? Well, at least here in Switzerland this would happen.

Globalization has become a racing track! Such has been confirmed by the mentioned president of the mentioned association. In its speedy manner, globalization spits alleged passengers out on both sides. Even more, globalization very destructively runs over many people’s life (and big parts of our environmental)! Is globalization, therefore, stopped, withdrawn from circulation for being far too dangerous? No! Globalization rages on! We are told that globalization is good for us and we should be on this high speed vehicule! Besides, wondering what the victims of globalization would say, I ask myself who actually wants to sit in with an irresponsibly fast driver and risk his or her life? Most likely only those tired of life?!