Quotes about my work

Michael Baumgartner is knowledgeable, perceptive and able to make a client feel comfortable and confident.
I plan to advance the Biography Work with Michael as I have found it to be beneficial and effective.

(Marvi, client in biography work)

“Michael’s impressive session on ‘mysteries unravelled’ BLEW ME INTO a deeper understanding of all things.It gave me context to things I feel but couldn’t identify – a real BOOM session of wide eyed -suspended disbelief and utter relief.”

(Paricipant in workshop on development, sexual & spiritual issues)

“What I appreciate about Michael Baumgartner is his discerning perception of social situations, especially how he links issues in order to identify precise solutions and the way of his communicative expression. He exudes being in good hands, which allows the consideration of what has not been articulated “

(Trude Kalcher, Trigon, Development Consultancy for People and Organizations GmbH, Austria)

„Michael Baumgartner works with an astute analysis and follows things through with warmth, skills and diligence. He is an immeasurably trustworthy companion and guide.”

(Rhyll Stafford, Community & Organisation Development, MIRA Companions New Zealand)

“Michael Baumgartner achieved considerable results in his challenging work.
He has pronounced judgment and an acute ability to develop viable ideas and solutions. “

(Markus Allemann, Co-Executive Director Greenpeace Switzerland)

“Michael has great people skills and was able to draw people out of their shell to become empowered to speak about their hopes and take courage and responsibility to move forward”

(Nicola Nangle, Work for Love, Cape Town South Africa)

“Michael has shown great ability to facilitate expression and foster healing relationship“

(Linda Chapman, MA ATR, former director of Play Therapy Program at San Francisco General Hospital, USA)

“Michael is very perceptive of others’ feelings and will often pick these up intuitively and work with them”

(Pat Walton, former head of Victim Support Newham/London, GB)

“Michael has a talent to communicate complex and delicate issues in a simple, comprehensive and non-polarizing manner.”

(Margrit Bossar, late president of board of trustees of the International Forum for Accessible Sciences, Switzerland)