Key Competencies


Development of Ressources and Resilience

Biography Work

Community Development Education

Process Design

Strategy Building


Adult Education


Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting


Private practice for biography work at the Center for Integrative Oncology (ZIO) in Zürich, Switzerland; coach for the program for self-efficacy and health promotion for the schools in the city of Bern, Switzerland; lecturer for social empowerment / social assistance and communication for people with a migrant background for the city of Zürich, Switzerland

Worked with various NGOs in the fields of environmental justice, environmental protection, corporate accountability, integration, adult education, health promotion, and human rights as well as in health and social pedagogy

Main author of the Mood Swing, a calendar of emotions; printed in all three main Swiss languages and worked with in kinder-gardens, schools and childrens hospitals.

Co-editor of “Du Seisch Wo Düre & Zwäg”, a work book for the promotion of mental health in adolescents and young adults, implemented in schools.

Dissertation ‘The Psycho-Social Support of Victims of Torture and its Relevance for Social Work’ published by Edition Soziothek, Bern, Switzerland.

Set up and run for several years the training for community interpreting TRIALOG in Zurich, leading to the nationally recognized licence for community interpreting.

Conducting a range of lectures, workshops and trainings in German and English langauge since 1988 in Switzerland and abroad; targeting juveniles, adults, lay people as well as professionals from different professional fields on such topics as:

Biography work and development of the I; Empowerment; development of ressources and resilience; community development education and sustainability; three-folding of social organisms (by Rudolf Steiner); ecocide law; corporate accountability; (intercultural) communications; social and emotional learning; health promotion; suicide prevention; project management; human rights and human rights instruments; critical thinking: psycho-social, political, scientific and patient rights aspects of aids; homosexuality; care for the dying and chaplaincy;

Educational background

Study in Applied Ethics (masters program) at the University of Zürich, Switzerland and intercultural work and conflict resolution (MSW) at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany

Training in social work (MSW)in Bern, Switzerland and London, England, focusing on empowerment and community development

Extended trainings i.e. in hospital chaplaincy  biography work (based on the works of Dr. Rudolf Steiner), neuro-linguistic and systemic coaching, organisational development, sustainable development, environmental consultancy, neuro-linguistic programming, international human rights and human rights instruments and externalised emotional work/sensitivity training (based on the works of Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) as well as in communications and PR

Member of International Association for Community Development IACD, of the EU-COST-Action on Deliberative Democracie CONSTDELIB, of the team of Forum Neustart Schweiz and managing committee member of Neustart Schweiz.