What it’s all about

Engaged citizens strengthens democracy and promotes democratic understanding. Promoting citizen engagement means empowering citizens and promoting democracy. Democracy can therefore be measured by the possibilities of engagement of all citizens.
Citizen engagement (participation) means the involvement of those concerned in both finding processes and decision-making processes (in the sense of deliberation). In decision-making processes, participation increases the effectiveness and helps decision-making to a higher legitimation. At the same time, engagement can take different forms of participation, from co-determination to decision-making competence to decision-making powers.
Participation motivates citizens to engage actively in politics and the shaping of a community beyond elections and voting. It strengthens self-responsibility and self-organization in the citizens.

For whom engaging citizens is useful

Every community that is committed to democracy should strive accordingly for the highest possible engagement of as many citizens as possible.

When engaging citizens is helpful

Engagement helps to bring communities into the future, especially when it comes to
– developing proposals sustainable community design which should find a broad acceptance
– finding more broadly backed and solution-oriented decisions to controversial issues
– designing and using commons in the interests of the citizens concerned
– resolving dividing conflicts

Methods and scope

In addition to deliberative methods and the three-foldung of the social organism, elements of different methods of working with large and small groups are used.

The offers are based on content and scope according to the request and are backed-up with solid foundations and a high method diversity.