What it’s all about

In order for a community to be supportive of human development, development must be acknowledged, understood and appropriately designed. In the design of community structure, it is first of all necessary to understand individual human needs and to properly embed them in a social organism (community). It is also a matter of comprehending what topics arise in a community. The topics are summarized in the right area. These areas are aligned according to their inherent principles and accordingly structured. Finally, all these limbs are brought together into a viable organism.
Community (a commune) is not seen as the goal of human development, but as a necessary path to it. No commune ever releases people of their responsibility for their own development! However, it can promote or hinder self-development and even make is impossible.

What is the use of a community structure?

Community design makes sense when authorities rethink the structures of their communities and, if necessary, change them respectively to a modern and practicable structure. Community design helps to make the topics of a community transparent and comprehensible in the necessary requirements.

For whom a community design is important

 Community design is a useful tool for
• Community Developers
• Experts e.g. from urban and regional planning
• Well-fare economists
• Politicians
• Members of local authorities
• People in the public sector
• Interested people who want to understand the communities in depth

Methods and scope

Human needs are structured in the direction of salutogenesis of social/communal living and using the three-folding of the social organism (according to Rudolf Steiner) in order to be met and to flurish. Therefore elements of different methods of community and organisational development and working with large and small groups are used.

The scope depends on the order and the group size.