Developing potential & discover r esources through Biography Work

What is a Biography Work?

Biography work is a careful and structured looking into ones own life path under corresponding sound guidance.

The focus of biography work can differ, for example finding a better understanding of reoccurring life events (life themes).

What is the benefit of Biography Work?

Biography work helps to

  • using potential more effectively and discovering resources
  • finding ones own story and voice
  • challenging ones belief system and creating a meaningful vision
  • making positive personality aspects shine and imbeding negative aspects
  • developing and strengthen own values and virtues
  • to recognize one’s own history with community and framing it for the future

My biography work is no therapy but self-development work. However, self-development and increased awareness fosters healing and above all freeing in nature.

Who benefits from Biography work?

To thoroughly work with ones biography can be meaningful for all individuals, especially when it comes to

  • finding one’s own path
  • meeting critical life events
  • surmounting life transitions
  • shaping relationships more consciously

Methods and Scope

My approach to biography work is based on the Anthroposophical understanding of humankind and life at large as introduced by the late Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Depending on the group, their concerns, and the subsequent scope, biography work includes working with values, virtues and beliefs focusing on perception and reflection, with elements of artistic expression.

Biography work usually takes place in group-settings.

The frame may consist of multiple shorter meetings, or seminars of one or more days.

Costs and scope depend on the size and requests of the group.