The offers reflect different fields of work and approaches to community. Working fields such as agriculture, economy, politics and regional development are deliberately placed in the necessary social and ecological context. After all, any community is only as strong as its social ties, this also includes the relationship to land and biosphere. Relations and references can be consciously developed and shaped by the approaches outlined herein.

The approaches are different integrative, engagement and practice-oriented processes with the aim of a better understanding of what is actually there (resources and potentials) and out of that a more conscious and sustainable design of the future.

The offers are aimed at communities (neighbourhoods, municipalities, cities and regions), parts of them (cooperatives, administrations, schools, institutions) as well as citizens’ initiatives, projects and dedicated individuals and also to appropriate educational institutions and can be tailored to meet the individual needs.

My offers are characterized by solid foundations and diversity of methods.

Prices on request and taking into account the financial possibilities and needs.